Saturday, June 9, 2018

Manufacturer of Motorized Wheelchair


We “SilverLine Meditech” are one of the well known manufacturer and supplier of medical instruments by applying advanced technology and help people related to health care. Our products are in great demand and we are very dedicated to our work and that’s the reason that people choose us.

We produce power motorized wheelchair in place of any physical power so that people having problem can easily live their life. Such products are Motorized Wheelchair, CP Wheelchair, Lightweight Motorized Wheelchair, Battery Operated Wheelchair, Lightweight electric Wheelchair, and many more. Moreover, we customize our wheelchair products according to the need of our patient like we can add more facilities. For instance, feature like reclining, commode, seat width and such types of features.

Further, we have very well trained engineers who are capable of manufacturing therapy equipments by using latest technology which can suits to the patient. Our company produced high reliability & consistency from our lots off valued customers. We manufacture these equipments and wheelchairs with world best quality which we getting from reliable suppliers.